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 International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research (IJASR)

Source ID:00000336
Volume 7, Issue 1,September 2021, Pages 1-3, Page Count - 3

Systematizing Astrology for Constructive Approach

Ashish Chauhan (1)

(1) Scientific Writer and Astro researcher, Research Scholar, India.

Manuscript ID:- 00001-12006
Access Type : Open Access
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 Cite this article:Ashish Chauhan,  Systematizing Astrology For Constructive ApproachInternational Journal of Advances in Scientific Research(IJASR), 2021, 7(1), PP.1-3


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The research paper presents the hypothesis with the aim to contribute and uplifts the standard of accuracy and precision in Astrology. It is an effort to systematize the analysis and prediction of horoscope by briefing the stages of feminine planets, reframing the aspects of Zodiac signs and establishing the subordinating relation between Lagan and Navmansh chart for systematic analysis.
Author Keywords
I am grateful to astrologers like G. D. Vashisth, Professor Gurdeep Arora, Sakshi Thakur, Mata Ji, Anil vats, Dr H. S, Rawat, Faculty ICAS, Chandigarh for astrological insight. I am indebted to my mother Mrs Madhvi Chauhan and father Late Sh. Kripal Singh Chauhan. I am thankful to my wife Priyanka Gahlot and son Praver Chauhan for unconditional love and support throughout. I express my gratitude to sisters Sushma Chauhan, Sapna Chauhan & Late Rekha Jarial and cousins Divya Jarial, Nistha Chauhan, Lisha Chauhan and Anushka Singh. Above all, I bow in reverence to the Almighty for providing me the astrological vision.

ISSN Print:ISSN Online: 2395-3616
Source Type: JournalsDocument Type: Journal Article
Publication Language: EnglishDOI: https://doi.org/10.7439/ijasr
Abbreviated Journal Title: IJASRAccess Type: Open Access
Publisher Name: Scholar Science JournalsResource Licence: CC BY-NC
Major Subject:Physical SciencesSubject Area classification: Physics and Astronomy
Subject area: Astronomy and AstrophysicsSource: SCOPEDATABASE

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Scope Database Indexed Journal

Erciyes Medical Journal

Source Id : 00000041


Source type : Journal

Scope Database Coverage Period : From 2018 to 2021

Publisher Name : Kare Publishing

ISSN : 2149 - 2247 E-ISSN : 2149 - 2549

Country of Publication : Turkey

Source Homepage : http://www.erciyesmedj.com/jvi.aspx?pdir=erciyesmedj&plng=eng&list=pub

Total Documents : 60 (2021)



List of Articles, review papers, conference papers, data papers and book chapters published in 2021 Download PDF File

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Epidermal Growth Factor-Like Repeats and Discoidin I-Like Domains 3 is a Novel Regulator of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: In Silico Analysis

Rahsan Ilikci SagkanDilara Fatma Akin Bali,


43(2),PP 122 - 129


Did COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Parents’ Approach to Vaccination?

Nimet Pinar YilmazbasOzlem TerziDeniz Ozceker,


43(2),PP 130 - 134


Knowledge Level of Nursing Students on Nosocomial Infection

Ece DavranAnita Karaca,


43(2),PP 135 - 141


The Relationship Between Blood Groups and COVID-19 Patients

Mustafa Cakir,


43(2),PP 142 - 145


The Association Between Refeeding Hypophosphatemia and Serum Appetite-Regulating Hormone Levels in Critically Ill Patients: A Prospective, Observational, Single-Center Pilot Study

Sabahattin MuhtarogluEnder DoganKursat GundoganSahin TemelSerap SahinNurhayat Tugra OzerGulsah Gunes SahinMurat SungurMuhammet Guven,


43(2),PP 146 - 151


Factors Affecting Mortality in Hematology Patients Accepted to the Intensive Care Unit

Leyla TalanNeriman Defne Altintas,


43(2),PP 152 - 155


Impaired Renal Function in Outpatients with Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Nahide Ekici GunayAykut KaleNurullah Gunay,


43(1),PP 13 - 19


Serum Level of ADAMTS4 and ADAMTS8 in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis

Irmak Icen TaskinSevgi Irtegun KandemirKemal NasAbdullah Zubeyir Dagli,


43(1),PP 20 - 25


Effect of Supine and Prone Flexion Positions on Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, and Pain Score of Preterm Infants

Sabiha CaglayanDuygu Gozen,


43(1),PP 26 - 30


Overlooked Prophylaxis of Hepatitis B in Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Zeynep TureGamze Kalin UnuvarHuseyin Nadir KahveciMuzaffer KeklikAysegul Ulu Kilic,


43(1),PP 31 - 36


Relationship Between Endocrinopathies and Ferritin Levels in Adult Turkish Patients with Beta Thalassemia Major: A Single-Center Experience

Gulsum Akgun CagliyanGuzin Fidan YaylaliNur SoyerSibel HaciogluOmer CagliyanNil Guler,


43(1),PP 37 - 42


Comparison Effect of Local Subcutaneous Tramadol and Methadone in Post-laparotomy Pain Control

Majid MontazerMostafa HojjatiSeyed Ehsan Mousavi Toomatari,


43(1),PP 43 - 46


Effects of Attitudes of Patients with Epilepsy Towards Their Disease on Mental Health and Quality of Life

Tugba AkyolSevgi Nehir,


43(1),PP 47 - 53


Clinical and Molecular Spectrum of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Patients: Identification of Three Novel Mutations

Esra IsikHUseyin OnayTahir AtikAsli Ece SolmazDemet TerekSarenur GokbenHasan TekgulErturk LeventMehmet KantarNilgun KultursayOzgur CoguluFerda Ozkinay,


43(1),PP 54 - 60


Evaluation of Proper Inhaler Use in Children with Acute Asthma Admitted to the Emergency Department: A Single-Center Cross-Sectional Study

Aysegul Aslan CinarPinar AltinkaynakEsen BesliMehmet OzdemirMustafa Arga,


43(1),PP 67 - 74


Relationship Between the Flow-Mediated Dilatation of the Human Brachial Artery and Blood Biomarkers Related to the Endothelial Function in Cardiovascular Diseases

Suzan Emel UsanmazInci Asli AtarAysen AksoyekMuharrem TolaEmre KubatTugba Kayhan AltunerHuseyin BozbasUtkan SevukMehmet Emin KorkmazEmine Demirel Yilmaz,


43(1),PP 75 - 82


Parents` Postoperative Pain Measure: Turkish Validity and Reliability

Muge SevalAylin Kurt,


43(2),PP 156 - 160


Protective Effect of Indole-3-Carbinol on Sperm Morphometric Alteration in a High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Rat Model

Ahmad YahyazadehNur Hande Tufek,


43(2),PP 161 - 165


Chromosomal Evaluation Results for Transgender Individuals and Questioning the Necessity of Karyotyping

Tufan CankayaDuygu Onur CuraHande OzkalayciAyfer Ulgenalp,


43(2),PP 166 - 169


Evidence of a Sharp Increase in Scientific Productivity on COVID-19 by Comparing Publications of the First Quarter with the First Half of 2020

Koray BasFulya Yilmaz,


43(2),PP 170 - 174


Analysis of Risk Factors for Ultrasonographic Graf Type IIa (−) Hips in Developmental Dysplasia: A Hospital-Based Case-Control Study with Follow-Up Outcomes

Bahtiyar HaberalOrcun SahinIsmail Cengiz Tuncay,


43(2),PP 175 - 179


ABCDEF Bundle: An Undiscovered Golden Approach for Acute Care Patients in Turkey

Gulseren ElayIsmail Hakki AkbudakIlhan Bahar,


43(2),PP 180 - 183


The effect of Blood Urea Nitrogen/Albumin Ratio in the Short-Term Prognosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Ayse Demir BahaTurkan Zeynep Isikdogan FendogluNurdan KokturkHatice KilicHatice Canan HasanogluSertac ArslanMeral GulhanNalan OganEvrim Eylem AkpinarAslihan Alhan,


43(2),PP 184 - 188


The Effects of Arginine and Glutamine Used Before Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy on Postoperative Stress Hormones

Yavuz PirhanVolkan Tasova,


43(2),PP 189 - 193


Correlation Between Androgen Levels and Dry Eye Parameters in Male Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Duygu Gulmez SevimKoray GumusInci GulmezMetin Unlu,


43(2),PP 194 - 200


Association of Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor A1166C Gene Polymorphisms with Coronary Artery Disease in Thrace Region of Turkey

Gokay TaylanOrkide PalabiyikFlora OzkalayciMustafa Adem YilmaztepeNasir SivriYuksel Aksoy,


43(4),PP 337 - 342


Attitudes of Medical Faculty Students Toward Ageism: A Cross-Sectional Study From Kayseri

Dilek EnerOsman GunayFevziye CetinkayaBelgin Oral,


43(4),PP 343 - 349


Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Gastrointestinal System

Umut PayzaAhmet KayaliZeynep KarakayaFatih Esat TopalSerkan BilginFirdevs TopalPinar Yesim AkyolUmur Suadiye,


43(4),PP 350 - 354


Frequency of Epistaxis by Months and Daytime Hours

Mohammed Ghazi YildizIsrafil OrhanIrfan KaraNagihan BilalSaime Guzelsoy SagirogluAdem Doganer,


43(4),PP 355 - 360


Relationship Between Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Obstruction and Infection in Pediatric Patients with Hydrocephalus

Ali SahinAbdulfettah TumturkMurat CiftciNimetullah Alper DurmusAhmet KucukHalil UlutabancaIbrahim Suat Oktem,


43(1),PP 61 - 66


Predictive Value of Thiol–Disulfide Homeostasis and Ischemia-Modified Albumin on Survival in Patients with Sepsis

Bilgin Bahadir BasgozRamazan AcarMusa Baris AykanSalim NeseliogluOzcan ErelHuseyin Levent YamanelIlker Tasci,


43(1),PP 83 - 89


Somatosensory Amplification, Health Anxiety and Pain Catastrophizing in Individuals with Chronic Musculoskeletal System Pain

Filiz OzsoySevil Okan,


43(3),PP 237 - 243


Association Between Quality of Life and Nutritional Status of Nursing Home Residents or Community Dwelling Elderly

Hilal SimsekAsli Ucar,


43(3),PP 244 - 250


The Evaluation of 2D:4D Finger Ratios in Seborrheic Dermatitis Cases

Ilkay OzerSelami Aykut TemizSumeyye OzerArzu AtasevenRecep Dursun,


43(3),PP 251 - 254


Prevalence of Cesarean Section Scar Endometriosis: Ten-Year Experience of a Tertiary Center and Retrospective Evaluation of 40 Cases

Aliriza ErdoganPinar Erdogan,


43(3),PP 255 - 260


An Ethical Assessment on Patients Involuntarily Admitted to the Psychiatric Ward of a University Hospital

Burcin ColakGulsum CakarMustafa Volkan KavasErguvan Tugba Ozel Kizil,


43(3),PP 261 - 266


Efficacy and Safety Data for Rituximab (Anti-CD20) in the Treatment of Pemphigus Vulgaris: A Retrospective, Single-Center Study

Eda Oksüm SolakGozde Emel GokcekSalih Levent CinarDemet KartalMurat Borlu,


43(3),PP 267 - 272


Evaluation of the Effect of Mortality, Life Expectancy, and Treatment Modalities of Sickle Cell Patients on Mortality

Mehmet Nur KayaGul Ilhan,


43(3),PP 273 - 277


Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Pregnant Population Revisited; Changing Trends and Call for Action

Taha TakmazMehmet Serdar KutukHavva Sevde Islek TahaHande Nur Oncu,


43(3),PP 278 - 281


Clinical Effect of Non-Dipper and Dipper Hypertension in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Deniz ElcikSaban KelesogluAli DoganBilge BingolZeki CetinkayaM. Tugrul InancNihat KalayRamazan TopsakalAbdurrahman Oguzhan,


43(3),PP 282 - 287


Bronchial Artery Embolization Due to Hemoptysis; is it Really Effective?

Filiz GuldavalCeyda AnarGulru PolatMelike Yuksel YavuzAhmet Ergin CaparMelih BuyuksirinFatma Demirci Ucsular,


43(3),PP 288 - 292


Assessment of Fungal Genital Infection Frequency, Antifungal Sensitivity, and the Impact of Hemoglobin A1c Levels on These Infections in Diabetic Children

Burcu EmekliogluNuri CakirIsil CakirMustafa KendirciAyse Nedret Koc,


43(5),PP 427 - 432


Is it Worth Using Thrombolytic Therapy in Elderly Patients with Pulmonary Embolism

Neslihan OzcelikSongul OzyurtBilge Yilmaz KaraDilek KaradoganAziz GumusUnal Sahin,


43(5),PP 433 - 437


Warfarin Treatment: Home Health Services Versus Outpatient Clinics

Sonay OzdemirPelin Unsal,


43(5),PP 438 - 442


Associated Factors Causing Uterine Prolapse in Nongeriatric and Geriatric Female Patient Populations and Analysis of Pathological Diagnoses

Esra Tamburaci,


43(5),PP 443 - 448


Molecular Testing for Thalassemia: Mutation Detection According to Referral Reasons and Demographic Data

Sule AltınerHalil Gurhan KarabulutSadiye EkinciArzu VicdanNuket KutlayTimur TuncaliAjlan TukunHatice Ilgin Ruhi,


43(5),PP 449 - 451


Is the Examination of a Single Night Polysomnography Sufficient for a Diagnosis of OSAS in Adolescent Patients?

Mehmet MetinMustafa Avcu,


43(4),PP 361 - 365


Visual Impairments Among Immigrants Living in Northeast Turkey and Their Ocular Finding Differences Compared to the Local Population

Adem UgurluErel IcelNurdan Gamze TasliTurgay Ucak,


43(4),PP 366 - 372


Efficacy and Safety of Switching from Clopidogrel to Ticagrelor at the Time of Discharge in STEMI Patients Treated with a Pharmacoinvasive Approach

Ali ConerIbrahim Haldun Muderrisoglu,


43(4),PP 373 - 378


Evaluation of the Effect of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus without Diabetic Retinopathy on Subfoveal Choroidal Thickness and Central Macular Thickness in Adolescents

Mustafa HepokurHamdi Cihan EmeksizMerve Nur HepokurAyse AsikHalit Oguz,


43(4),PP 379 - 384

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